The inspection tour - can be considered as the most important step on the way to buy a property in Northern Cyprus. When you already clearly imagine the whole spectrum of the offered real estate, more or less imagine the chosen region, it is the high time to see everything with your own eyes.

You will need only a ticket and a valid foreign passport to go to TRNC.

The 2Suns Company provides to the customers the services of tickets’ booking at the convenient time with minimum cost and gives the consultations at all stages of the "Inspection Trip". We will answer all the numerous questions you have got before and during the trip. Besides:

  • You will visit the selected residential sites, get acquainted with their infrastructure, look at the chosen real estate options (apartments, townhouses, villas), their layouts, views from the window, possible finishing.
  • You will estimate all the opportunities of your own and your family’s rest and the potential of the real estate rent.
  • You will see the infrastructure of the region, namely, the banks and currency exchange points, supermarkets and shopping centers, hospitals, schools, universities, fish shops and markets.
  • The meeting with a lawyer will give you the opportunity to discuss all the nuances of buying property in Northern Cyprus.

The inspection trip is a job, but it is worth it. After all, the purpose of our meeting in Northern Cyprus is to choose the most suitable variant of the real estate for you and to consider your individual opportunities.

A pleasant feature of the "Inspection Trip" for our customers is next free services:

  • a 3-day accommodation in Northern Cyprus,
  • the transfer from the airport,
  • inspection excursions along the Long Beach coast,
  • a consultation with the lawer,
  • the real estate demonstration according to your acquisition objectives,
  • acquaintance to the area infrastructure. 

The owners of The 2Suns Company have passed the whole way from choosing and purchasing of the real estate in Northern Cyprus up to the execution of the residence permit, and they are ready to share their experience so that you feel in Cyprus as if you are at home.

Moreover, during these three days you will have the opportunity to hear the sound of waves, see the incredible beauty of the sea, breathe the sea air, walk along the waterfront, enjoy the sun and get acquainted with the rich historical heritage of Northern Cyprus. Because soon you will be able to afford all the delights of the Mediterranean paradise at any time.

tour to
Northern Cyprus

Come to Northern Cyprus and make your evaluation of the property quality and infrastructure, get professional consultation on purchase of property in North Cyprus